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Our pledge to delight our customers reflects well in our constant endeavor to provide the latest in quality products and best of customer services. With our spacious and revamped Dubai

Showroom showcasing multiple but inter-connected products covering Flooring, Furnishing and Interior Decoration that complement one another, we today offer our Clients a number of new products that significantly represent the changing trends in modern lifestyle, including luxury indoor and outdoor furniture,

sun awnings, pergolas and furniture accessories, representing over 20 well-known international Brands in the industry. We continue to retain market leadership by being the preferred supplier and installer of Wood Flooring as well as of Furniture and Interior Design and Decoration in the MENA Region.

Francis Lesly Lobo
Founder & Managing Director

To cater for the needs of our customers, we have established an in-house design centre with qualified designers. This facility significantly enhances our ability to effectively address the specific requirements of our clients.

As a representative of world-renowned brands in the industry, our uniqueness lies in the fact that we can provide our clients world-class products and services for home, office or leisure under one roof and, more importantly, the customer has the opportunity to purchase directly from the Manufacturer. Besides, the quality and reliability of our products and services are never compromised as all our major products come from Europe, USA and Canada, and we maintain strict deadlines for deliveries and completion of projects.

Elegant… Comfortable… Durable… Natural… Healthy… Eco-Friendly… are words that express personal values, preferences, expectations and dreams. It’s only natural that we want such personal space as our home or office where we spend most of our time to be special, elegant, comfortable, durable, healthy, eco-friendly and have a touch of nature as well. This is where Woodfloors Middle East (“Woodfloors”) and its Sister-Concern Lobo & Listone have much to offer. Woodfloors and Lobo & Listone are unique in their commitment to customer delight achieved by an exceptionally broad collection of world-class products and services delivered on time every time. Inhouse expertise and facilities for design and manufacture enables supply of bespoke architectural products to suit individual tastes and requirements.

Scope of Works

Speciallized tools & Supplies, Equipment & Chemicals.

A One-Stop-Shop for wood flooring, Woodfloors and Lobo & Listone deal with the entire gamut of specialized tools and supllies, including, Sanding Machines, Nailing Machines, Wood Flooring Glues, Lacquers, Oil, Primers, Cleaners, etc. All that one requires at any stage from preparation of the sub-floor(self-leveling compounds and primers) to installation (adhesive and nails/cleats) to finishes (lacquers and oils) to post-intallation maintenance (cleaning compounds), one would find them at Woodfloors and Lobo & Listone.


“Our Vision is to be the preferred wood flooring supplier in the Middle East”


Our Mission is to constantly endeavor to enhance, improve and upgrade the range of our products and services and deliver services exceeding the expectations of our customers, thus acquiring and retaining market leadership.

One Stop Shop

Woodfloors’ distinctive advantage lies in the availability of large stocks in Dubai, which reduces project implementation time. With over 45,000 square meters of stock to suit a wide variety of hardwood flooring requirements, and expert installation teams with state-of-the-art equipment and superior project management skills, Woodfloors have become the preferred choice for wooden flooring in the Gulf region. A one-stop-shop for wooden flooring, Woodfloors today cater for every imaginable need in this segment, with solutions for solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminated flooring, sports flooring, outdoor decking, etc. Our installers are trained to deliver different finishes, from sanding and lacquering at site, to different effects such as distressed, antique, different stains, sand blasted, etc. With Woodfloors, your wood flooring requirements are in safe hands.


People choose wood flooring for various reasons, combining personal tastes and preferences with environmental considerations and even affordability. Wood flooring is without doubt the most popular choice when it comes to choosing a new flooring option. Some popular solid hardwood floorings include Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Beech and Ash. Some of the benefits of wood flooring include:


As wood flooring doesn’t attract dust mites and allergy-inducing organisms, it is a perfectly healthy option for the home and workplace.


Strange as it may seem, Hardwood flooring is an environmentally sound choice to make, especially when the supply comes from approved, sustainable resources (harvested from forests grown for the purpose). You can significantly decrease your carbon footprint by using wood as a building material rather than cement, for example.


Wood flooring is meant to add a natural charm and warmth to any room. Whatever be the style one chooses for the finish – oiled, lacquered, brushed, smooth or even cross sawn – it allows you to have a truly unique wood floor that suits your personality. Wood is a natural product and no two pieces will be the same – one of the beauties of natural wood floor.


Available in a wide range of hardwoods and softwoods, wood will last forever and needs little maintenance to keep its appeal and beauty.


A well-installed wood floor can last a lifetime. With modern protective finishes and facilities for refurbishing wood floors through deep cleaning, sanding and finishing, old wood floors can be made to look and feel brand new.


Special and unique properties of wood help control the temperature in the room by keeping heat in when it is cold outside, and vice versa. Besides being a natural insulator, being fibrous, wood also absorbs sound.


Money spent in wood flooring is an investment rather than an expense. Wood flooring adds significant elegance and value to the property.


Properly installed wood floors would require minimal maintenance. Regular simple cleaning (sweeping/vacuuming) and an occasional swab with appropriate cleaner would be more than sufficient to keep wood flooring looking fresh and clean for a very long time.

Woodfloors… helping you bring nature home!


Name : Woodfloors Middle East LLC
Trade License No. 637387
Date of Establishment: 05 April 2010
Phone No : +971-4-338 6678
Fax No : +971-4-338 6675
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.lobolistone.com / www.woodfloors.ae
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A3, Al Ghurair Warehouse Complex
Plot No. 358-555, Street 4, Al Quoz Area 3, PO Box 390957, Dubai, UAE

VAT No. 100072763400003
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Name : Lobo & Listone Design & Décor Technical Services LLC
Trade License No. 655987
Date of Establishment: 29 June 2011
Phone No : +971-4-338 6678
Fax No : +971-4-338 6675
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.lobolistone.com / www.woodfloors.ae
Mailing Address :

A3, Al Ghurair Warehouse Complex
Plot No. 358-555, Street 4, Al Quoz Area 3, PO Box 390957, Dubai, UAE

VAT No. 100072763400003
Office Hours : 09.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. – Saturday to Thursday
Name : Lobo & Listone FZC
Trade License No. 12096
Date of Establishment: 10 June 2013
Phone No : +971-4-338 6678
Fax No : +971-4-338 6675
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.lobolistone.com
Mailing Address :

A3, Al Ghurair Warehouse Complex
Plot No. 358-555, Street 4, Al Quoz Area 3, PO Box 390957, Dubai, UAE

VAT No. 100072763400003
Office Hours : 09.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. – Saturday to Thursday


Showroom No. A-3, Near Oasis Centre, Al Quoz, Dubai - Phone: +971-4-338 6678

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