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Glamora interprets wall covering as an expressive universe capable of transforming any domestic, professional or collective environment, finding inspiration in everything that surrounds us. The nature around us, the dreams within us. The lessons of classical art and contemporary design. The citations of pop art and vintage. An endless journey made of emotions, signs, memories and visions, which can start anywhere, anywhere in the world, to continue every day.

GLAMDECOR is the vinyl support suitable for covering walls and ceilings of indoor environments in standard environmental conditions.

GLAM-METAL is the wallcovering that gives the surfaces of the architecture the iridescent reflections of the metal and the charm of silk, through a refined but essential stylistic language, the result of contamination between fashion and design.

GLAMACOUSTIC is a double-pass vinyl wall and ceiling covering made of differentiated layers. It responds to the needs of reflection of the sounds and creates the correct resonance increasing the purity of the audible frequencies. Due to the high absorbency of the wall layer, it is possible to considerably reduce noises coming from outside and the escape of those emitted from the inside.

GLAMTEC wall covering is more durable in a wellness centre, a spa area or a shower.

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