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Imondi welcomes you to avail yourself of the elegant wood they have painstakingly shaped into beautiful floors. Imondi focusses on handcrafted and sustainable slab rescue – working with wood rescued from old boats and barns to the wooden poles in the Venetian canals. Imondi endeavours to make one-of-a-kind floors that highlight the materials from which they are derived.

With several design awards to their credit, Imondi has grown to be a leading flooring manufacturer. Imondi Flooring responsibly purchases wood from sustainably managed forest and reclaimed sources from across the world. SAI Global has certified Imondi Flooring’s chain of custody for all such purchases. Imondi’s products are FSC® certified. Imondi’s range of engineered flooring is LEED-compliant.

For a craftsman, the challenge is to create something unique and special based on the client’s vision; specifying the right material is essential, especially for the project that demands a vintage or unique appearance.

Imondi’s four styles reflect the wood and the environment it is installed in:

Pure Kyoto – Purity, simplicity, boldness. Pure Kyoto is a style that embodies the elegance of the Japanese touch with light or dark colours enriching the smooth feel of each plank.

London Industrial – Raw, rough and dark. Created mostly from salvaged woods where the imperfections are the beauty. You can feel the history and a story in every plank.

Stockholm Rough – Freshness, rawness, serenity. Distinct for its light Scandinavian colours and the details apparent in the grain of the wood alone.

Uniquely Rio – Funky, warm, rich. A salvaged-timber look inspired by the combination of originality and diversity found in the corners of South America. Truly one of a kind.

For more information and catalogue download, please visit: www.imondi.com