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For more than 20 years, Monpar has been a dynamic and well organized Italian wood floor factory. The continual and permanent research in new products and new technologies has made Monpar one of the well-known producers of wood flooring in Italy and around the world.

Monpar produces three-layer planks and multilayer planks also with important size with width up to 300 mm and length up to 2800 mm. They also specialize in tiles or any kind of designed wood floor. Every finish and surface is handmade by experienced Italian artisans and gives unique high quality to Monpar’s every wood floor. The PEFC certification and CE mark guarantee specific attention to environment and eco-friendly productions.

Three-Layer Planks – This collection of wood floors shows how efficiently the architect Monpar has succeeded in industrializing a theme related to the use of large formats so dear to the architecture of the past. Monpar’s design language, in fact, finds its inspiration in the antique furniture, yet giving to his creations a personal and contemporary character. These wood floors are rich without being opulent and allow to create unexpected and graphic-like designs. The Design Collection by Monpar and Carlo Dal Bianco is, in essence and character, an exclusive and tailor-made floor, while in fact remaining a three-layer monoplank flooring counterbalanced with top layer of precious wood.

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