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Highly Crafted Wood Surfaces

Oscar Ono Paris sets the standard for unparalleled quality with the creation of exquisite wood products. It is the true center of the operation where innovation is born, the cornerstone of the company founded in 2002.

Unravel new dimensions of

wooden surfaces


Opus is an organic endless pattern obtained with just one tile. We have spent many years reviving the wondrous tradition of endgrain and giving it a new contemporary life.


Forêt stands for an innovative approach to end grain wood surfaces. Pre-assembled endgrain oak pieces on simple planks. The collection contains 6 timeless patterns to personalize your compositions.‎


Classics don’t just stain woods but use exceptional techniques such as shou-sugi-ban, bleaching, core smoking, etc. 


At Oscar Ono Paris we design and manufacture wood surfaces for architects to create. However, we offer standard collections that we believe to be consistent with demands on interior design projects, over the years we have acquired the knowledge and expertise to manufacture custom-made floorings for you.

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Explore uniquely crafted wood surfaces for your next project!

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