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Exclusive Wood Flooring

Finishparkiet is a family company, which has been pursuing the highest standards in wooden floors for dozens of years, and setting trends on the market. They were the first manufacturer in the world to launch production of double-layer single-lamella 14-millimeter-thick parquet, which has since become the benchmark for other manufacturers. 

Explore flooring across a range of species and colors!

French Finishjodła (Chevron)

FINISHJODŁA is a top-quality layered product, which is thoroughly prepared as early as in the stage of production.

English Finishjodła (English Herringbone)

English herringbone lends the interior a timeless character and elegance. It looks perfect in any interior: art deco, eclectic or vintage. 

Finishdeska XXL (Board XXL)

Finishdeska XXL which, due to its dimensions is a symbol of luxury, preserves the precision of construction and reliable features of classic Finishparkiet planks and parquets.


With Finishparkiet floors, you are guaranteed to choose a product that you will be enjoying for many years, perhaps even your entire lifetime! They offer a 50-year guarantee for their products! 

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Explore uniquely crafted wood surfaces for your next project!

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