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Naturally Curved Hardwood Flooring

Bolefloor is the world's first manufactured flooring that follows a tree's natural growth. Beautiful materials don’t fit in a box. The uniqueness, the personality, the love that nature gave us should show through. Our mission is to break this cycle. Every product we produce, every project we participate in, and every person we hire is a step towards this goal.

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Our LiveEdge process manages and tracks each board from its raw-lumber stage through final installation. Our technology allows us to preserve the natural curves of the wood, thus minimizing waste and giving unique look to every floor.


Boledeck allows you to extend your interior, onto the deck or any outdoor surface. Bole’s innovations allow more floors per forest. You will receive a totally unique and nature-friendly result for your terrace or balcony.


Just as Bolefloor and Boledeck, each surface is truly unique. There are no two identical tabletops. It is the perfect combination of a wooden tabletop with modern glass legs creating a functional and tasteful solution for any interior. 


It wasn’t nature that created straight lines. It was the limitations of technology. In nature, there is no such thing as a right angle or a straight edge. Yet, when it comes to products, we work very hard to square off the curves, to correct the imperfections – because it’s easier, because it’s cheaper, because the products we create will fit with all the other squared off things in our lives. 

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Modular / Curv8

For every Curv8 floor, raw boards are selected to fit one of these eight forms. Curv8 patented modular technology retains the tree’s original shape and grain lines.

Bole Colors

Finishes are inspired by nature - from the subtlest of tints to the most colorful of flairs. It’s impossible to defeat nature in the game of beauty. Drawing inspiration from our greatest mentor, we have developed a wide range of colors mimicking some of the world’s greatest rivers.

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