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Quality Bamboo Surfaces

Dasso® brand, founded in 1993, is one of the global innovators in the bamboo industry. With over 28 years’ history of a bamboo products production

Explore Dasso's unique bamboo surfaces!


Incorporates Dasso's patented CeramiX® technology to manufacture superior bamboo products with Natural Color for both commercial and residential outdoor applications. 


Incorporates Dasso's patented fusion technology to manufacture superior bamboo products for commercial and residential outdoor applications. 

Dasso Elements

Dasso® offers bamboo elements in various categories such as bamboo veneer, bamboo panel, acoustic board, fire-resistant board, and linear lumber. Dasso also offers bespoke designs.


Using bamboo as a raw material for parquet and furniture panels is a real innovation. This giant grass creates the opportunity to manufacture a wide range of flooring, furniture, or interior decoration solutions. It is therefore an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to other conventional hardwood floorings.

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Discover innovative and sustainable

solutions for your spaces.

Dasso Flooring

Dasso® offers high-end and own patented bamboo flooring, classy is long and wide boards with extra stable features, Eco solid is a unique, eye-catching floor with the natural beauty and appearance of the bamboo stem, it fits in natural and modern interiors; Industrial consists of short, solid bamboo strips that provide a ladder pattern for a distinctive look.

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