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Cork Flooring & Wall Panels

GRANORTE is a leading cork wall coverings and sustainable flooring manufacturer, producer of thrilling environmentally responsible products. 

Explore Granorte Cork Surfaces!


Features a fabulous assortment of designs, textures, and colors. The NATURALS collection provides a perfect solution to create luxurious interior decorating styles from modern to traditional.

Vita Classic

Designed to reproduce the unique textures found in nature, VITA flooring combines state-of-the-art digital technology with the durability and comfort of an eco-friendly cork surface.


Built using an innovative size of the panel with micro-beveled edges and a natural cork texture with a wide selection from neutral to vivid colors giving exceptional basis for creative design.


The cork oak remains the only tree whose bark can regenerate itself after harvest leaving the tree unharmed. Furthermore, the cork oak tree has the remarkable capacity to retain carbon making it a naturally sustainable product contributing to the preservation of the environment and unique habitat in the world.

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Discover designs that elevate
your home.


Made entirely from post-industrial recycled cork, the CNC grooved linear and simple design builds a hexagonal motif across the wall. Equally balanced by cork’s natural aesthetic, for a look that feels entirely modern.


With two large tile formats, CARIOCA uses bold color and strong graphic lines on top of the cork’s individual and intrinsic beauty, producing a powerful aesthetic that is hard to ignore. Bring colorful meaning to walls!

Story Wall

Contemporary cork wall coverings collection that inspires glamour, innovation, and design. Made with traditional designs across cultures - which are applied onto cork using traditional industrial techniques and innovative tech.

Vita Decor

Designed with aesthetics firmly in mind. Using the latest in direct digital printing, Vita Decor reproduces unique wood and tile design effects straight onto cork, for a completely unique look.


Made from agglomerated toasted cork grains, Bebop comes in a distinctive deep dark brown that shows cork’s natural aesthetic. Using the different sizes and thicknesses of tile across the wall, creating geometric patterns.


WABI is a result of the fusion of Nature and Material, connecting interiors to the outside world
and the very nature from around the globe that is so vital for wellbeing.


These variety of surfaces in natural cork are not only intrinsically beautiful and diverse but also warm, quiet, and durable -  giving interiors a powerful natural aesthetic without compromising function.


Minimal design creates its effect through contrasting 3D lines, installed in horizontal or vertical arrangements. Bringing subtle depth and texture, blending positive influence of nature with uncomplicated aesthetics.

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