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Wood Flooring

Award-winning & Eco-friendly flooring crafted by specialists. Imondi focuses on handcrafted and sustainable slab rescue – working with wood rescued from old boats and barns to the wooden poles in the Venetian canals. Imondi endeavors to make one-of-a-kind floors that highlight the materials from which they are derived.

Explore flooring across a range of species and colors!

Black & White Collection

The Black & White Collection’s aesthetics are quiet and natural, one that many identify with. Black & White are fundamental colors in nature and the contrast caters to customers whose approach to life is calm and optimistic.


This collection features a rough edge and unique natural characteristics delivered after an extraordinary sixteen-step process completed by hand, defying convention and challenging limits.

Reclaimed Collection

The culmination of Imondi's obsessive focus on sustainability is our range of reclaimed wood flooring. This range of floors is made with reclaimed hardwoods from all over the world.


Imondi Flooring responsibly purchases wood from sustainably managed forests and reclaimed sources from across the world. SAI Global has certified Imondi Flooring’s chain of custody for all such purchases. Imondi’s products are FSC® certified. Imondi’s range of engineered flooring is LEED-compliant.

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Wood Structure

Explore uniquely crafted wood surfaces for your next project!

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