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Italian Hardwood Flooring

A brand with 90 years of rich legacy. Deeply diverse ranges of wooden flooring - Salis designs advanced technical design surfaces for those who want uniqueness, diversity, performance, and technology. But above all, for all those who demand pure emotion from a wooden surface.

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Audace Collection

Anguished and material surfaces overlap with highly technological finishes, cracks, and knots highlighted by resin. Audace, the confirmation that fusion of techniques and experimentation.

Armonico Collection

Armonico is a project where colors and textures are expressed through a “harmonious” palette starting from ‘Cold’ to the ‘Warm’ tones that converge in the white central color. 

Di Valore Collection

The wooden floors of the “Di Valore” series are not bound by modern standards as they are hand crafted from old articles, logs, beams and planks and reclaimed or aged materials.

Image by Annie Spratt

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Discordia Collection

Discordia is the ongoing struggle between the different moods featuring our personalities, making every one of us distinct from the other. There’s always Discordia in our mind, an impulse that nourishes us and makes us unique.

Fusion Collection

Extreme manufacture, hand planning, and deep color differences.
Elegantly colored surfaces with a vintage atmosphere complying with many styles. Fusion is available in two versions: Tesori D’Oriente & Pretty Wood.

Home Gent

Contemporary formats, timeless finishes, and technology with click joìnt in order to grant great performances and an eased ìnstallation. A strong character, in refined nuances, finished with last-generation natural oils and pigments


Officina107 is the one and only integrated system that combines woods, wall painting, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, and carpet, all of them coordinated by a range of 9 contemporary, refined and timeless colors.

Pangea Collection

Pangea brings a sequence of warm and soft tones interspersed by stronger and more vivid shades or mixed tints, kneaded as if to trace always different lines following paths made of matters linked to nature.

Prefiniti Collection

With a 70 mm width, the Prefiniti collection provides an always wider public with warm and stylish surfaces, even thanks to the possibility of installation in Italian herringbone pattern.


SINCE 1926

Salis has been working and changing many times and in many ways, but always shows a great love for wood. Today, though being of the leaders in the wood flooring market, Salis shows a great willingness to know and learn.


The efficiency of sophisticated industrial technology meets the artisan experience coming from our fathers. Our suppliers are able to supply the best woods, promoting reforestation at the same time in order to preserve the present ecosystem. Our goal is to have our passion grow together with our love for quality.


Designed by European Oak planks in 5 different color shades inspired by the fashion world, in warm and timeless colors.

The finishing is created to have high-pounding performances and durability over time

Ricordi Collection

A collection dedicated to our tradition, our culture, to our history.
Ricordi collection is the retrieving of our origin, the board “done as they used to years ago”, with the same taste, the same care, and dedication.

Timeless Collection

Timeless is the reconsideration of a classic: the French chevron with a 45° cut.
Contemporary thanks to trend colors, differences in color, and light/dark shades, the Timeless collection is available brushed and slotted.

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