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Italian High-end Doors

Silvelox involves the two classic thresholds of the building, the entrance door and the garage door, integrating them into the more general concept of cladding, as a unitary and qualifying treatment of the architectural envelope and its base. Silvelox realizes custom-made doors with full architectural respect for the place and personal styles. Explore Garage Doors, Armored Doors, Industrial Closures, Historical Doors and more.

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Garage Doors

Made to meausre; all Silvelox offers two different types of structure for garage doors: Secur  series with overhead-type mechanics and self-raising system with counterweights and certified anti-burglary and Securlap series the only sectional door without ceiling guides, without springs, with double counterweight mechanics and motor hidden in the upper cross member. 

Entrance Doors

Security Entrance Doors
Unpublished perspectives, craftsmanship, competence and use of the most modern anti-burglary technologies, make the range of Silvelox security entrance doors an avant-garde product . The Silvelox philosophy wants the entrance door to become a piece of furniture, with a wide range of finishes and infinite customization possibilities.

Facade Doors

A seamless connection between entrance doors or garage doors to flush perimetric cladding. W_Concept fastening system can be easily adapted to numerous esthetic options.


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For more than 65 years the company has stood out due to its ability in creating unprecedented solutions, combining aesthetics with innovative anti-intrusion technologies, and focusing on energy savings and noise reduction.

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