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As a French manufacturer renowned for combining traditional craftsmanship skills with constantly improved production methods, we are delighted to introduce you to our collection of exceptionally beautiful solid wood floors in a range of contemporary and classic finishes. A veritable jewel for architects and unsurpassed in exclusivity, we present the unique”Pavés de Paris” end-grain block wood flooring which, by virtue of its technical and decorative qualities, has long been a coveted product. Practising a policy of responsible procurement and paying particular attention to sustainable forest management, we manufacture our entire range of solid wood flooring products to meet the strictest standards of quality.Cutting a tree is a responsibility, our duty beyond the fair management of forests is to produce sustainable products and not products renewal cycle short …


End-grain block wood flooring – Pavés de Paris: A manufacturer’s dream, a blessing for the consumer and an indestructible product that interior designers have long been waiting for. No gluing, no complicated installation. With a hardness that’s second to none.

Solid wood flooring – Traditional wood flooring is normally laid on a sub-structure that takes up a significant amount of space (ventilation cavity). It has been a drawback for the product, particularly in buildings from 1970s with their low ceiling heights. With the progress that has been made in laying techniques and the advent of the bonding method, solid wood floors are nowadays once again enjoying immense popularity because the sub-structure is no longer a requirement but merely an option, and solid wood floors can even be glued down in the form of wide planks.

Floating or glued wood flooring – Floating wood flooring was an answer to the problem of the sub-structure which not only demands more height but also makes the flooring more complicated and therefore more expensive to lay. Floating wood flooring is a product that can be laid directly on the sub-floor or a layer of insulation and merely involves gluing the planks together. This process is less demanding from a technical point of view which, in theory, makes installation less expensive. This type of flooring has a hardwood surface layer of just 2 to 4 mm thick.

Laminate – This is not real wood flooring but a wood imitation laid in a similar way to a floating wood floor. However, the product is only a photographic reproduction as it does not even have a wooden surface layer. Increasingly, click-type laminate floors are appearing on the market. These are predominantly aimed at the DIY segment as these products, which can often differ widely in terms of design, can be laid without the need for any technical skills. Although laminate or melamine floors can provide the look of wood flooring at a low price, high-quality laminate, of course, is also relatively expensive.

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