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STÖCKL offers a wide range of parquet flooring in Solid and Engineered planks. They are especially known for their Herringbone and Chevron flooring.

Stöckl offers various colours and wood species in a combination of oak, walnut and other exotic woods, in their engineered as well as solid wood flooring. All products are produced in a factory in Austria. Stöckl flooring is suitable for residential as well as commercial usage.

Stöckl aims to use materials in the best possible way to intelligently manufacture a long-lasting product. Their floors come from expertly sustained and cultivated forest where nature creates top quality wood. This allows them to produce floors that last a lifetime. In this way, they actively deal with environmental protection. The environmental management system was submitted to an ecological audit according to ISO 14001. Ongoing and prospective activities further protect improvement to the ecological balance. Stöckl sets an example with PEFC certification pertaining to proof of the chain of custody for wood products.

For more information and catalogue download, please visit: www.stoeckl.com