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UPM ProFi’s Design Decking range, with its fresh and modern look, is a rare example of a better technical solution that positively helps the environment. As part of UPM ProFi’s Classic range of decking, UPM ProFi Lifecycle has an even longer pedigree. Since the early 1990’s, American red and white oak fibres have been totally encapsulated in a polyethylene blend to produce a WPC product range that offers the best hardwood look and feel, but whose closed surface still outperforms traditional WPC products. With 95% recycled content, it is no surprise that UPM ProFi’s Lifecycle production was awarded the U.S. EPA Environmental Excellence Award.

Unique Surface Resistance – Unlike traditional composite or timber decking, UPM ProFi decking has a unique stain resistant surface that does not absorb spills. Spills such as oil, wine and coffee can easily be wiped away keeping decks looking better longer.

Superior Impact Strength – UPM ProFi is especially developed to withstand had knocks on the patio particularly at low temperatures. It tolerates snow and frost well.

High Friction Surface – UPM ProFi has a high-friction surface that creates a slip-resistant deck even when wet. Fresh, modern and smart, with a stone-like appearance, UPM ProFi WPC Design Deck gives outdoor living a stylish new look. UPM ProFi colours, inspired by the Finnish nature, allow deck designs that are fresh and clean.

Resisting Stains, Reducing Worries – UPM ProFi Deck features a non-brushed closed surface. Unlike wood and traditional composite decking, wine, oil and other liquid spills are not readily absorbed and can be easily cleaned. Thanks to high-friction surface, UPM ProFi Deck is slip-resistant even when wet. Colours that withstand time – UPM ProFi Deck set new standards in colour durability. Unlike wood and other composites, it is virtually free of lignin, the natural molecule which causes wood and other natural fibres to turn grey when exposed to sunlight. Strength that is wonderful to the touch – The principal polymer used in UPM ProFi Deck is high performance polypropylene. Impact resistance in both hot and cold climates is exceptionally strong, and the deck surface has better scratch resistance than other composite decks which feature a polyethylene composite surface. Despite this, the deck has a natural, almost soft feel to it

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